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  1. The Keshe Foundation and its Objectives


    Category: The Keshe Foundation

    The Keshe Foundation (registered in The Netherlands) is a non-profit organization. It is the holder of all intellectual rights of M.T. Keshe relating to his technology. The main objective of this Foundation is to share the benefits from all aspects of its technologies in five different areas related to mankind’s welfare and world education.

    The Keshe Foundation’s targets are to solve the main world problems of today:

    Global warming / CO2 problem (achieved)
    The energy shortage (achieved)
    Water problems (achieved)
    Food problems (mostly achieved)

    One objective of the Keshe Foundation is to supply plasma reactors in "Oasis Units", which will deliver an integrated solution for basic human needs such as drinking water, power supply, light and warmth. Today 1.6 billion people have no electricity and every day 4,000 children in Southern Africa die from contaminated water.

    At the same time the Foundation is primarily involved in making travel in deep space a reality within the next few years and bringing it within the reach of everyone. In this domain manmade propulsion technology has become a thing of the past.

    The Keshe Foundation has clear rules of conduct

    A maximum of 5% of the Foundation’s income will be spend on administration and expenses and the balance (95%) will be divided into five equal parts:

    19% for further reseach and development
    19% for funding education worldwide
    19% for direct support to the needy
    19% for world peace and the environment
    19% for world religious studies and unification

    < The Keshe Foundation structure

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